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December 2013 - Female Snow Leopard cub arrived at Micke Grove Zoo early morning on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 (click on link for information)

Follow updates on this new cub by reading our Snow leopard cub Blog

December 2013 - Juvenile male bobcat arrived at Micke Grove Zoo on Friday, 13 December 2013 (click on link for information)

Follow updates on this new cat by reading our Bobcat Blog

November 2013 - infant golden lion tamarin was born at Micke Grove Zoo on Sunday, 24 November 2013  (click on link for information)

Media Links

01/28/2014 - Micke Grove Zoo welcomes baby bobcat (Good Day Sacramento)

01/17/2014 - Lodi Zoo Debuts New Bobcat (The Stockton Record)

6/12/13 - Monte the Mountain lion to need treatment (Fox 40 News)

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Micke Grove Zoo Zoom in Lodi (Good Day Sacramento)

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Making Parks a Bigger Draw (Stockton Record)

5/28/2013 -
Zoo Fundraiser set for Micke Grove Zoo (Stockton Record)

4/25/13 -
The Fossa at Micke Grove Zoo (Fox 40 News)

4/25/13 -
Baby Golden-lion tamarin born at Micke Grove Zoo (Fox 40 News)

Press Releases

01/29/2014 Public Naming Contest for New Bobcat at Micke Grove Zoo
The Micke Grove Zoo is inviting the public to participate in a naming contest for the Zoo’s newest addition, a young and exuberant male bobcat. The contest opens January 28 and closes March 31, 2014. The contest is hosted on the zoo’s website, www.mgzoo.com, although entries will be accepted in the zoo gift shop on the weekends during regular zoo hours. No fee or purchase is required to enter a name idea, although participants...(click here to read more)

01/20/2014 Micke Grove Zoo Education Providing Free Zoo Mobile Programs
The Micke Grove Zoo Education Department is excited to announce that it is now accepting scholarship applications from kindergarten through 5th grade teachers at San Joaquin County Title I schools interested in having a free Zoo Mobile program provided to their students to support their science curriculum. The program, formerly titled the “Zoo to You Outreach Program”, is the Education Department’s initiative to connect students attending under-resourced schools with nature as...(click to read more)

01/18/2014 Bobcat settling in at Micke Grove Zoo
LODI - Micke Grove Zoo's new bobcat was ready for his close-up Friday.

The cat had been in quarantine since it arrived last month, but now it is out and on display for zoogoers. Zoo officials marked the occasion by inviting media out to take a look at the new exhibit.

The young male bobcat comes from the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale, Ariz. It was rescued as a kitten and became too accustomed to humans to be released into the wild...(click to read more)

01/18/2014 LODI ZOO'S NEW BOBCAT....(to browse photographs, click on the link)

01/18/2014 Micke Grove Zoo’s feisty new bobcat is right at home in his exhibit
He’s 1-year-old, slightly bigger than a house cat and has been on display for only a week. But the newest member of Micke Grove Zoo prances, purrs and plays as if he’s right at home.

On display between the golden tamarin monkey and bald eagle exhibits, the zoo’s small and feisty bobcat, who weighs a slight 22 pounds and has yet to...(click to read more)

01/08/2014 Kids shift gears for holidays
LODI - Kristy Benner asked the small group of children encircling a picnic table Thursday at Micke Grove Zoo to think about what an animal might need to do to survive the...(click to read more)

01/08/14 2013 A Golden Year for Golden-Lion Tamarins Housed at Micke Grove Zoo
A golden-lion tamarin was born on November 24 at the Micke Grove Zoo and was the second infant to survive its first few critical weeks following birth in 2013. The small tamarin is housed with its mother, “Rio”, father “Jesse”, and three sisters. Two of the sisters are twins born nearly two years ago and the third sister was born on...(click to read more)

12/17/2013 Bobcat debut will come in new year
LODI - Micke Grove Zoo has a new bobcat, but the cat won't make its public debut until the new year.

The young male bobcat arrived late Friday at the zoo, but it needs to complete a 30-day quarantine before he can emerge into to an exhibit at the south end of the zoo.

The cat comes from the Southwest...(click to read more)

12/10/2013 Bobcat to arrive Friday at Micke Grove Zoo
LODI – Micke Grove Zoo will receive a young male bobcat Friday.

The bobcat, which won’t be more than twice the size of an average house cat, will serve an important role in educating zoo visitors about California’s native wildlife, the zoo said...(click to read more)

12/16/13 Micke Grove Zoo Offering Two-Day Winter Camps for Kids!
For the first time in the zoo’s history, the Micke Grove Zoo Education Department is offering two-day winter zoo camp programs for children ages 4 through 12. These excitement-packed “mini-camps” offer campers a chance to experience traditional zoo camp activities while allowing parents...(click to read more)

08/23/13 Micke Grove on the move with mobile program, other efforts
LODI - The outside of Micke Grove Zoo's new van is plastered with photos of animals, down to the blown-up shot of a cotton-top tamarin on the rear gate - sticking its tongue out at tailing...(click to read more)

Monte, a mountain lion that had lived at Micke Grove Zoo since 2000, was humanely euthanized on July 31 because of worsening health conditions related to renal (kidney failure) ...
(click to read more)

A golden-lion tamarin was born on February 21st at Micke Grove Zoo. It is housed with its mother, “Rio,” father “Jesse,” and one year old twin sisters in a new enclosure ...
(click to read more)

[Photograph above] The two female sibling snow leopard cubs were born at Albuquerque Zoo. One of these cubs is coming to Micke Grove Zoo this winter [Photo credit: Tony York, Albuquerque Zoo, NM, USA]

 The juvenile bobcat has was moved to his new exhibit on January 14, 2014.      (Photo credit: Clifford Oto, The Record)

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