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Volunteer at Micke Grove Zoo!

Would you like to become part of the Zoo family? Perhaps you have always wanted to help provide the care for exotic animals, get involved in special events or act as an ambassador for a great organization. Now you can!

We invite you to take the time to learn about our different volunteer programs to discover the ones that meet your interests and schedule.
Volunteering at Micke Grove Zoo is a special opportunity for individuals to give back to the community and support the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. Given the nature of the zoo's routine needs and the amount of time and energy we invest in our volunteers, we cannot accommodate short-term community service volunteers or projects for individuals of any age. However, corporate groups may be given special consideration for one-day volunteer events.

High school students must either become a Zoo Crew member, Camp Counselor, Keeper Aide, or Special Event Volunteer in order to earn any community service hours. These positions require a special commitment and training. There is no guarantee that these positions will be available at the student's time of need.

If you are looking for a community service project idea, click here.

Education/Outreach Opportunities

Opportunities Available

Volunteers in the Education Department provide a tremendous service for Micke Grove Zoo. From helping out at special events to teaching visitors about wildlife and wildlife conservation, our Wild Guides, Zoo Crew members, Camp Counselors, and Special Event volunteers make the visitor experience memorable and meaningful.

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Animal Care Opportunities

From preparing diets and cleaning exhibits to researching endangered species and updating animal records, volunteers in the Animal Management Department are essential for ensuring the health and well-being of all of the animals in the zoo collection. As a Keeper Aide, Conservation Researcher, or Animal Records Assistant, animal care volunteers help the animal management team provide optimum living conditions for zoo wildlife.

Click here to learn more about volunteering in the animal management department!

Please note that volunteering at Micke Grove Zoo does not guarantee direct contact with any animals in the zoo collection.

Black tufted-ear marmosets are black in color which helps them camouflage in their tropical rainforest habitat


The female red-tailed hawk housed behind the Education section was rescued by a Wildlife Rescue Center when she permanently injured her wing

Micke Grove Zoo Map

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