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BOOKING AND CANCELLATION POLICY - Full payment (cash, check, or credit at time of booking) must be received at least 7 days before the program date or the program will be cancelled. Checks must be made payable to: “Micke Grove Zoological Society.”

Cancellations made within 14 days of the program date will be refunded minus a 50% cancellation fee; however, any cancellations made within 48 hours of the program date are non-refundable.

If you attended a program but have not yet paid the full balance, request a cancellation within 14 days of a program date, or failed to appear for a program that you have not yet paid for, i.e., you required special payment arrangements and then cancelled, full payment will still be required pursuant to the cancellation policy described above. This payment must be received within 30 days of the original program date.

 Cancellations are only official upon receipt of confirmation from the Micke Grove Zoological Society.

Field Trips
Provided by the Micke Grove Zoological Society's Education Department

Advanced reservations are required for field trips and other special on-site group programming. Self-guided tour group leaders should contact the Education Department to inform staff of their intention to visit the zoo independently. We strongly encourage teachers to make their reservations well in advance as dates in March, April, May, and June fill up very quickly! We use the online reservation software system, Doubleknot, to accept reservations. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash, and checks. Please note that some of our prices may have changed and that some of our programs are no longer being offered.

Two classes can be accomodated within a single time frame during all field trip programs. Classes exceeding this number can book back-to-back programs.

Featured Programs for Students

Animal Discovery Tour - Bring your students for an exploration of animal adaptations, habitats, and conservation through "bio-facts," animal encounters, and a tour of the Zoo. Grade Levels: 1st and up - Program Length: 1.5 hours - Capacity: 35 students and 6 chaperones per group - Cost - $175.00 SEARCH A DATE NOW

Eco Explorers - Most of what we know about animal survival in the wild can be learned from making close observations about their behavior and habitats. In this program, students act as researchers, studying animals and drawing conclusions with the help of a knowledgeable Zoo Educator.
Grade Levels: 6th and up - Program Length: 1.5 hours - Capacity: 35 students and 6 chaperones per group - Cost - $175.00 SEARCH A DATE NOW

Preschool and Kindergarten Programs
One, Two: Learn at the Zoo!
- The zoo is a great place for young learners to discover counting, colors, textures, patterns, and even the ABCs! Bring your students by for the best type of learning opportunity around!

Grade Levels: Pre-K and K - Program Length: 45 minutes - Capacity: 30 students and 6 chaperones per group; no siblings or infants please (must pay separate zoo admission and join group after program concludes). Cost:
$125.00. Includes self-guided tour admission. SEARCH A DATE NOW

Hands On Classroom Programs

Amazing Animals -
Come visit our learning lab where students can explore the world of amazing animals with hands-on investigations of "bio-facts" or local pond wildlife, and also meet some of our Animal Ambassadors!
Grade Levels: 3rd
grade and up - Program Length: 1 hour - Capacity: 35 students and 6 chaperones per group - Cost: $125.00 SEARCH A DATE NOW

SENSE-ational Creatures - Use your senses to explore the world of animals in this learning lab program designed for audiences with special needs.
Grade Levels: Special Needs Audiences in grades K and up -  Program Length: 45 minutes - Capacity: 20 individuals - Cost: $125.00  SEARCH A DATE NOW

Tour the Zoo

Introductory Zoo Tour - Adjusted to supplement the standards of each grade level or group interest, this tour provides your group with a brief overview of the animals living at the Zoo. Bring out your friends or club members! Grade Levels: K and up - Program Length: 30-45 minutes - Capacity: 25 person max  - Cost: $8.00 per person SEARCH A DATE NOW

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