Micke Grove Zoo

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Micke Grove Zoo  2016 Summer Zoo Camp


Week 1:   June 20-24   Nature’s Yucky!

Nature’s yucky and we love it. It’s time to dive into all that is gross and oh so much fun.

Week 2:   June 27-July 1   Jr. Zookeepers

Find out what it takes to care for the zoo animals. Animal research, care and enrichment building.

Week 3:   July 11-15   Zoomaginations

Let your imagination run wild . . . As fast as a cheetah and as crazy as a cuckoo bird. Creative play, story writing and “acting” like animals.

Week 4:   July 18-22   Wild Water Play Days

It’s wet & wild zoo play time! Join us for a week of getting crazy in the sun with frozen t-shirts, bug popsicles and squirt gun tag.