Micke Grove Zoo

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Kids' Corner

Welcome to the Micke Grove Zoo Learning Center. We've gathered fun games and activities for you and your students to learn more about the animals here at the zoo.

Field Trip Worksheets

Use these worksheets to help promote learning during or after your visit to the Zoo! Worksheets are in PDF format.

Kindergarten At the Zoo, I Can See...
1st Animal Cinquin
At the Zoo, I Can See...
Critter Hunt
2nd Animal Cinquin
Critter Hunt
3rd Adaptation Match Up
Critter Hunt
Home Sweet Habitat
What's the Difference? Turtles vs. Tortoises
4th-8th Bird Behavior
What's for Dinner?
Zoo Mysteries
6th-12th Bird Behavior
Ethograms (with extended activity)
What's for Dinner?
Zoo Mysteries
Zoo Quest

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