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Cotton-top Tamarin
Saguinus oedipus

Habitat: tropical moist and dry deciduous forests

Range: north-west Columbia

Natural Diet: fruit, insects, seeds, flowers, tree sap, small mammals, birds and reptiles

Status in the Wild: Critically endangered


Animal Facts

These small monkeys that live in the upper reaches of tree canopies are found in Colombia. They can live in large families consisting of 2 to 8 individuals. Females often give birth to two infants. Look closely at the Cotton-tops in the exhibit and you will find that the male and female look alike.  

Conservation: an increase in human populations in the area that they live in has led to habitat loss and the conversion of their forest home range into agricultural lands. There are approximately 6,000 left in the wild.

Cotton-top tamarins have a white mane that looks like a ball of cotton


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