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Black-handed Spider Monkey
Ateles geoffroyi

Habitat: tropical rainforests and deciduous forests

Range: Mexico, Central America, Bolivia

Natural Diet: primarily fruit, supplemented with seeds, nuts, & vegetation

Status in the Wild: Endangered


Animal Facts

Also known as the Geoffrey’s Spider Monkey, these animals are found in North, Central and South America. The males and females are brownish-black in color and they look identical. They are one of the largest species of monkeys found in the Americas. Spider Monkeys are highly social living in groups of 20 to 30 individuals. They spend most of their time in the upper reaches of trees being active by day and resting at night. Females give birth to infants once in two to four years. Micke Grove Zoo currently houses a group of Spider Monkeys that consists of three females.

Conservation: loss of habitat and capture by humans for the pet trade are key factors that have a detrimental effect on their free-ranging populations


These primates have a black body and a white front (chest and abdomen)


Distributional range