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Yellow-bellied Slider
Trachemys scripta

  • Habitat: Lives in freshwater lake and pond habitats
  • Range: South-eastern U.S.A
  • Natural Diet: Aquatic invertebrates and plants
  • Status in the Wild: Least Concern (Common)


Fun Facts

  • Yellow-bellied sliders have yellow markings on their body.
  • They are predominantly aquatic leaving the water only to bask in the sun or to build terrestrial nests.
  • While hatchlings are predominantly carnivorous by nature, 95% of an adult's dietary consumption consists of vegetation
  • The female sliders are larger than the males.
  • These turtles breed prolifically laying up to 2 and half dozen eggs per clutch. They can lay up to five clutches per year.
  • During the winter months, these turtles become dormant in a hibernation-like state called brumation


 Conservation Threats

Although they are impacted by habitat loss, water pollution, road mortality, and pet trade, these threats do not seem to have a significant impact on their population numbers in the wild

These turtles are considered an invasive species since they are been released in the wild by disinterested pet owners in non-native habitats

Yellow-bellied Slider The slider has yellow markings on its body


Map Distributional range in the U.S.