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Standing’s Day Gecko
Phelsuma standingi

Habitat: Dry forest and thornbush

Range: South-western Madagascar

Natural Diet: Insects, nectar, and other invertebrates and small lizards

Status in the Wild: Vulnerable


Animal Facts

It is one of the largest species of day geckos. Their body color varies from brownish-grey to greenish-brown. The Standing's day gecko is diurnal and arboreal. Their toes have special adaptations which allows them to adhere to a variety of surfaces.

Conservation: Habitat fragmentation and destruction due to conversion to agricultural lands has had a detrimental effect on the free-ranging population numbers of this species. They are also overharvested for the pet-trade.

To learn more about field efforts to conserve Standing's day geckoes, click here


These geckos live in the south-western region of Madagascar


Distributional range in Madagascar (Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)