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Red Ruffed Lemur
Varecia rubra

Habitat: Deciduous tropical forests

Range: Masaola Peninsula of Madagascar's Northeast coast

Natural Diet: Fruit, flowers, nectar, leaves, and buds

Status in the Wild: THREATENED


Did you know these fun facts about Red Ruffed Lemurs?

  • Red ruffed lemurs are excellent pollinators

  • Females are in charge of their social groups

  • They are one of the largest living species of lemurs

  • They use their tails to balance when they climb

  • Their body color helps them camouflage and hide from their predators


Conservation Threats

  • The major threats are habitat loss due to encroachment by humans and logging practices.

  • Illegal hunting and trapping also has a detrimental influence on their wild numbers



These lemurs have a black tail and their bodies are reddish-brown

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Distributional range

All species of lemurs are endemic to Madagascar, the island in black to the right of Africa.