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Kenyan Sand Boa
Gongylophis colubrinus

Habitat: Semi-arid environments to scrub savannah

Range: Egypt, Niger, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, and northern Tanzania

Natural Diet: Small mammals

Status in the Wild: Not evaluated


Animal Facts

These bodies could get as long as 3 feet in length. They are short, heavy-bodied snakes with a blunt head and a small tail. Their body coloring varies from yellow to orange with dull blotches. They are known to have several morphs. They spend a considerable proportion of their time buried in the sand or under rocks to cool themselves on hot days, and to hide from predators. Females give birth to live young of 10 to 20 per nests.


The Kenyan sand boa spends a considerable proportion of time buried in the soil

Distributional range in Africa