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Golden Mantella frogs
Mantella aurantiaca

Habitat: Equatorial rainforest habitat

Range: Central Madagascar

Natural Diet: Insects (flies, ants and termites) and spiders

Status in the Wild: THREATENED


Fun Facts

  • Golden mantella frogs are bright golden-yellow in color, which is used to warn their predators that they are venomous or toxic when eaten.

  • They have very smooth skin

  • Females lay their eggs in small depressions containing water on moist moss or inside flowers.

  • Golden mantella have long, sticky tongues that they use to capture prey, sometimes even from a foot away

  • They use they eyeballs to help them swallow since they eyeballs sink and apply pressure on the food 


Conservation Threats

  • The major threats are habitat loss due to urbanization, agricultural practices, and logging for firewood.

  • Illegal hunting and trapping for the pet trade also has a detrimental influence on their wild numbers


Their golden yellow body color. Bright body colors such as these warn predators that the animals may be too toxic ingest


Distributional range - Golden mantella are endemic to Madagascar (the island in black to the right of Africa).