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Cryptoprocta ferox

Habitat: tropical rainforests

Range: Madagascar

Natural Diet: lemurs, small mammals and reptiles

Status in the Wild: Vulnerable


Animal Facts

The fossa is only found in Madagascar. They are cat-like animals that are 2.5 - 3 feet long (excluding the tail) weighing 15 to 19 pounds. Their tails are usually as long as their bodies. Being carnivorous, their diets include wild animals such as lemurs, rodents and reptiles.

Conservation: The main factors responsible for their low numbers in the wild are habitat loss and fragmentation, hunting and the detrimental effects of feral carnivores.

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Fossa are closely related to mongoose and weasels (Photo courtesy: Scott Findley Photography)


Distributional range

Fossas are endemic to Madagascar, the island in black to the right of Africa.