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Black Parrot
Coracopsis nigra

Habitat: tropical rainforests and mangroves

Range: found in Comoros, Seychelles and Madagascar

Natural Diet: fruits and buds

Status in the Wild: Least Concern (Common)


Animal Facts

Males and females are identical and are grayish-brown in color. They build nests in tree holes and cavities. They are not territorial. Interestingly, the skin of females sometimes turns yellow during breeding season and they are also known to lose their feathers during this period. In some cases they turn completely bald. The female lays white eggs that she incubates. The male feeds the female while she incubates her eggs.

Conservation: The species has a wide distributional range and is currently not considered under threat of being vulnerable or endangered. However, poor habitat quality and fragmentation have had an adverse effect on free-ranging populations.

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Black parrots are found in Madagascar


Distributional range

Black parrots are endemic to Madagascar (the island in black to the right of Africa) and Seychelles Island.