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Help us name our newest resident, a bobcat!

Thank you for your interest in naming the bobcat! The bobcat moved to Micke Grove Zoo in December 2013 and went on exhibit in January 2014. Zoo staff will choose the winner for the bobcat's name based on creativity, appropriateness (follows the rules below), and suitability of the cat's personality - so we encourage you to come to the zoo and watch him!

The winner will receive a bobcat puppet and a private meal for five in front of the bobcat's enclosure!

RULES: 1) Submissions must not contain any vulgar terms, including offensive language or derogatory racial, sexual, cultural, or religious terms. 2) Submissions may not be based on copyrighted or trademarked brand names. 3) Enter your submission by March 31, 2014.

Learn more about the bobcat here.

Bobcat Name Submission Form


Photo Courtesy of The Record

Micke Grove Zoo Map - Click here for PDF
Micke Grove Zoo Map