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      What are Invasive species?

They are non-native species whose introduction could cause environmental harm to an ecosystem. Red-eared and yellow bellied sliders, for example are classified as invasive species in the state of California

Why Red-eared and Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles are considered invasive?

These species are considered invasive when turtles abandoned in ponds and lakes compete with native wildlife. Adult red-eared sliders also feed upon western pond turtle hatchlings. Since these sliders are popular as pets, a large number of them are sold every year across the country.

Uninformed pet owners often abandon these sliders in the wild when their pets grow too large Our education programs share this information with our visiting public and with school groups to help reduce the number of sliders that are released into the wild in California.

We house both red-eared and yellow bellied sliders in the moat of the Island Lost in Time. While        red-eared’s have a red line behind their eyes on either side of their heads, yellow bellied sliders have bright yellow patterns on their top shells and a bright yellow under shell.