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Western Screech Owl
Megascops kennicottii

Habitat: Wide range which includes temperate forests, subtropical and tropical montane forests, shrubland, desert, rural fields and gardens

Range: Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and United States

Natural Diet: Large insects, birds and small mammals

Status in the Wild: Common (Least Concern)


Animal Facts

It is a small species of owl, its length being 7 to 9 inches and wing span being 20 to 25 inches. The females are larger than the males. Their feathers are brownish-grey in color. They have round heads with tufted ears. Their eyes and bill are yellow in color. They emit high-pitched calls. Their life span is approximately 8 years in the wild. In captivity, they live twice as long. Females lay 3 to 7 eggs per clutch.



Western screech owl was rescued from the wild with an eye injury. She is involved in zoo education programs


Distributional range in North America