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At the Nature Center you will see

Warmouth Sunfish

Lepomis gulosus

Habitat: Lakes, ponds, swamps, and streams

Range: Mississippi river, and Great Lakes

Natural Diet:
Insects, crayfish, and other fish

Status in the Wild: Common (Least Concern)

Animal Facts

The warmouth is a boney fish that has a dark brown mottled appearance. This fish can grow more than a foot in length. They are usually found in dense weed bed habitats and near stumps due to which they are also called stump knocker or goggle eyed perch. Warmouth sunfish are habitat generalists being able to adapt to multiple environmental conditions. This species is oviparous spawning in spring and summer. Males have been observed to guard and fan eggs. During the breeding season the eyes of males are known to turn red.


A Warmouth sunfish is also housed at the Nature Center


 Warmouth sunfish are found in fresh water bodies in eastern U.S.A

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