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Red-tailed Boa

Boa constrictor constrictor

Habitat: diverse habitats from tropical rainforests to arid environments

Range: Mexico, Central and South America

Natural Diet: amphibians, lizards, birds, small to medium-sized mammals including bats

Status in the Wild: Common (Least Concern)

Fun Facts

Red-tailed boas are large, heavy bodied snakes and can grow as long as 13 feet. Their body coloring is highly variable with different morphs living and diverse habitats. Red-tailed boas have more reddish brown saddles that are more pronounced in the tail region, than any other sub-species. These snakes are nocturnal and arboreal. They give birth to live young with approximately 25 in each brood. Red-tailed boas are popular as pets. The species has been bred successfully in captivity.

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These snakes can grow up to 13 feet in length

Distributional range in South America