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Virginia Opossum

Didelphis virginiana

Habitat: Tropical and temperate wooded areas

Range: North America

Natural Diet: Invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds, eggs, and fruits

Status in the Wild: Lease Concern (Common)


Animal Facts

Virginia opossums are active by night and they live in trees. They are around the size of a domestic cat with black ears and feet. While their faces are white, their fur is grey in color. The most fascinating feature of female Virginia opossums are their pouches. They are the only species of marsupial found in the United States. Young climb into their mothers' pouches are soon as they are born and they develop further inside these pouches.




Opossums have prehensile tails that used for their arboreal lifestyle. Our female's climbing abilities our limited since she lost her tail in a fight in the wild when she was young


Distributional range in North America