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At the Nature Center you will see

American Bullfrog

Lithobates catesbeianus

Habitat: Ponds, swamps, lakes, and marshes

Range: Wide ranging - native to eastern Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.A

Natural Diet: Invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and small mammals

Status in the Wild: Common (Least Concern)

Animal Facts

The American bullfrog is the largest Anuran in North America.  The species is found in a variety of color morphs from deep green to dark brown. The females are larger than the males. When you observe an American bullfrog, you will notice that it has a very large tympanum. They have very well developed webbing between their digits. The species is native to the eastern part of North America but it has been introduced to the western portion by man. In California they are considered in invasive species since they predate upon threatened species such as Western pond turtle hatchlings. American bullfrogs breed in the summer months. Females lay eggs into waterbodies and fertilization is external and usually takes place by a single male. Tadpoles develop inside the eggs in four to five days. Then through metamorphosis, these tadpoles develop into juvenile bullfrogs.   


American bullfrogs are native to eastern North America. They have been introduced to California.

Distributional range in North America (native habitat in black, introduced areas in red)

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