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Why is the Snow Leopard exhibit important?

Micke Grove Zoo is committed in constructing a new snow leopard building to support our keen interest in conserving the species. The building is nearly complete. The indoor holding rooms and a modern animal kitchen have been built. Base plans for the outdoor animal exhibits are being designed.

 The new snow leopard exhibit will provide multiple dimensions of positive outcomes. It will not only be a magnificent addition to MGZ, it will also create exciting new opportunities for the community while contributing to the conservation of this awe-inspiring endangered species. The new exhibit will additionally symbolize MGZ’s progressive new plan to achieve excellence in all of its accomplishments.

The snow leopard exhibit will represent the beginning of this exciting new era for MGZ and the community it serves. It has been designed by one of the foremost zoo architects with guidance from snow leopard professionals and input from all levels of management at MGZ. This exhibit, along with all new enclosure designs and animal-related protocols, is being developed to meet or exceed the stringent AZA guidelines and will strongly support MGZ in its accreditation process.


Conservation Education Programs

The snow leopard exhibit will also provide some stimulating and innovative education opportunities for the local and surrounding communities. The mission of MGZ’s Education Department is to “create learning opportunities and experiences that connect people with the natural world and foster a respect for wildlife”. The new exhibit will help educate the public about the amazing natural history and behavior of these captivating animals. It will also create awareness about snow leopard habitats and the critical challenges that seriously threaten their survival.

Conservation Research

One of Micke Grove Zoo’s goals is to conduct conservation research, especially in the fields of animal behavior, behavioral ecology, animal health and welfare, and education. The zoo is especially keen to conduct non-intrusive, hand-off research on snow leopards to answer critical questions on the behavior, health and welfare of this species. Since there is a dearth of such information, the new insights would prove invaluable not only to Micke Grove Zoo but to the wider scientific and conservation world and help conserve to snow leopards in the wild. Micke Grove Zoo also aims to support snow leopard field conservation efforts by providing a portion of funds raised by the facility each year.


Snow leopard biology and natural history [for more information, click on link]


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The Paseo Panthera exhibit is being renovated to provide the cub with additional structures to climb on

*This photograph was taken in August 2013 at Albuquerque BioPark when the cub was three months old [Photo credit: Tony York, Albuquerque BioPark, NM, USA]


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