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Yellow-knobbed Curassow

Crax daubentoni

Habitat: Evergreen and deciduous tropical forests

Range: Venezuela and Colombia in South America

Natural Diet: fruits, leaves, seeds, insects and spiders

Status in the Wild: Near Threatened


Animal Facts

The Yellow-knobbed Curassow is large ground-dwelling birds with a fascinating crest. The male and female would have looked identical if it wasn’t for the yellow fleshy knob located above the male’s beak. The female lays two eggs in a clutch in a nest located on the forest floor. The nest is built by the male and female.

Conservation: The species is considered Near Threatened because the last remaining consists of a small population in north Venezuela and north-east Colombia. The population numbers are estimated to be 40,000 individuals. The major threat to their survival is hunting and conversion of their home range to rice fields. 


Males have yellow knobs on their beaks while females do not

Distributional range in South America