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Green Iguana
Iguana iguana

Habitat and Range: Large distributional range including Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands

Natural Diet: Fruits, flowers, shoots, buds, leaves and insects

Status in the wild: Has not been assessed, CITES Appendix II (not an endangered species)


Fun Animal Facts

Green Iguanas are brightly colored and can grow up to 5 feet in length. Male iguanas have a dewlap which is a stretch of skin like a flap located below the lower jaw. Males also have spines all along their backs which are longer than the ones on the females. These spines and the dewlap make it easy to distinguish a male from a female. When threatened, iguanas bob their heads and hiss. Males also stretch their dewlaps when they are threatened. They are agile climbers and live in trees and shrubs often venturing to the ground to bask in the sun. They are active during the day and they rest at night.


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The males have spines and a flap of skin along the neck

Distributional range in the Americas