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OGNC's Volunteer Program


Education Volunteers

The Oak Grove Nature Center (OGNC) utilizes volunteers to provide educational programs to the community and assist in development and maintenance of the Center and Gardens.

Docents (a Greek word meaning teacher or instructor) are currently needed to provide visitor assistance on weekends and to lead tours for school children during the week. Other groups may also request tours that can occur during the week or on weekends. If you enjoy learning about nature and sharing that knowledge with others, please consider joining our docent group, the Oak Grove Docent Council.

Also, volunteers are needed to help with care of the Native Plant Garden. The assorted tasks include weeding, pruning, planting, watering and general cleanup. If your interests lay in this direction please consider joining our Native Plants chairperson, Martha Mallery, in caring for the garden. She may be contacted at (209) 477-3966.


Animal Care Volunteers






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The Oak Grove Nature Center displays a collection of artifacts used by local native American tribes and some captive reptiles and amphibians


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