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  Galls Found in Oak Grove Regional Park


Below you will find images of a small selection of the galls that can be found on the oaks and other plants located in Oak Grove Regional Park. Click on the image to see a larger image.

California Gall Wasp gall (Andricus quercuscalifornicus), also known as Oak Apples, forming, maturing and mature, ready for wasps to "hatch".

From left to right: California Jumping Gall Wasp gall (Neuroterus saltatorius); Club Gall Wasp gall (Xanthoteras clavuloides); Clustered Gall Wasp gall (Andricus brunneus).

From left to right: Convoluted Gall Wasp gall (Andricus confertus); Disc Gall Wasp galls(Andricus parmula) on Blue Oak; Red Cone Gall Wasp galls (Andricus kingi).

From left to right: Rose Blister Gall Wasp galls (Diplolepis rosaefolii); Spiny Leaf Gall Wasp gall (Diplolepis polita) on California Rose; Willow Apple Gall Sawfly galls (Pontania clifornica) on Arroyo Willow.