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Territory History

What is the Tribal History of this Area?

Many years ago in the vast oak woodlands of Central California, Miwok and Yokuts hunted for game and competed with the grizzly for the abundant acorns which fell from the Valley Oaks. Tule elk, deer and pronghorn antelope roamed wild throughout the Valley, while millions of ducks and geese flew overhead.


By the turn of the last century the native American way of life and the vast wild herds had mostly vanished. Gone, too, were many of the magnificent oaks that once covered much of the Valley. The oak woodland of Oak Grove Regional Park is one of the last large stands that remain in the northern San Joaquin Valley for a glimpse into the land of long ago.


What is being done to Preserve this land?

Every year employees of San Joaquin County's Parks and Recreation plant Oak Tree saplings and provide maintenance to the surrounding grounds keeping everything watered and healthy. Volunteers plant native grasses and shrubs to help restore the native plant community.







Oak Grove map

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